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  • Super Unison Tour Cassette

    Super Unison Tour Cassette

    I'm thrilled to be working with more friends from the Bay Area on our next release. Super Unison is a new band based in Oakland, filled with members from other bands you've surely heard of. They've just finished tracking a 4 song EP that is bursting with energy and left me immediately wanting more. In mid-May, they'll be embarking on a Pacific Northwest tour with fellow Oakland band Composite.

    In preparation for their upcoming 7" debut, we're releasing a cassette version of the EP. This will be pretty limited and I'm guessing it won't last long, but if it does, we'll post leftovers online. Tour dates are being finalized and will be posted here as soon as they're ready. For now, get a sample of this upcoming release on our Bandcamp, right here.