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  • Fall 2015 Releases

    Greetings friends. I've got two releases coming out this fall and I'm thrilled on both of them. I've been listening to these songs for the last six months straight and I'm excited to finally get them into your record player. Please, sit down, let me tell you about them.

    Lil Dowager - Never Too Late To Hate 7" (CR-09)

    First up is Lil Dowager, hailing from the streets of Oakland. The Never Too Late To Hate EP is their second effort and first on vinyl. Recorded by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden, this record contains 4 insane songs. Though each are under 2 minutes, the point is driven home - Lil Dowager are as tight and riotous as they come. The songs come across equally violent and playful, seemingly taking influences from every part of the west coast's noisy history. 

    Pre-orders are live (here) and are expected to begin shipping in late November. Check the video single for Bible History Month here.

    The Down House / Red Wood - Split 7" (CR-10)

    Next up is a split 7" between so many friends from the Bay Area. The Down House and Red Wood (both from and residing in San Francisco and Santa Rosa) have recorded a song each for this split, which seem to be ever so complimenting of each other. The Down House tackles the A-side with a dreary and dreamy nod to shoegaze gods of past with their song I Got My Gun. The vocals are kept low, drowning into a fuzzy atmosphere of drums and starry guitars.

    Red Wood, whose members also run Don't Look Down Records who is co-releasing this split with me, provide the B-side in what is one of my favorite songs to release lately. Clocking in at nearly 6 minutes, the song is a driving, epic masterpiece of post-punk rock and roll.

    Both bands are already quickly developing followings that match their recorded output and I'm thrilled to be part of building on that history.

    Pre-orders are live (here) and are expected to begin shipping in early December.