08/30/16: Portland, OR @ Blackwater Bar w/ Bad Future, Backbiter
08/31/16: Chico, CA @ Monstro's Pizza w/ Bad Future
09/01/16: Oakland, CA @ The Golden Bull w/ Bad Future, Cronander
09/02/16: San Bernadino, CA @ The Office w/ Bad Future
09/03/16: San Diego, CA @ AWESOME FEST
09/04/16: Fullerton, CA @ Program Skate Shop w/ Bad Future, Leisure World
09/05/16: Los Angeles, CA @ The Redwood Bar w/ Bad Future
09/06/16: Fresno, CA @ TBA

09/07/16: Medford, OR @ Johnny B's w/ Bad Future
09/08/16: Tacoma, WA @ TBA

Lil Dowager

08/04/16: Oakland, CA @ Sgraffito w/ Nervous, Toyota, Lofter
08/05/16: Portland, OR @ High Water Mark Lounge w/ Drowse, Dragging an Ox Through Water, Lubec
08/07/16: Missoula, MT @ Hockey House w/ Judith Gap, Soft Water, Birthday Moans
08/08/16: Spokane, WA @ Neato Burrito w/ Déformer
08/09/16: Olympia, WA
08/10/16: Vancouver, BC @ The Black Lab w/ Blessed, Tunic, Casual Luxury
08/11/16: Portland OR @ The Know w/ Haunted Head, Heartless Magnus
08/12/16: Redding, CA @ Caldwell Park w/ Dying For It, The Tropics
08/13/16: Davis, CA @ The Morgue w/ Wreck & Reference, Some Ember
08/14/16: Oakland, CA @ Oakland Secret w/ Fish Breath, Spit Tips, Kamikaze Palm Tree