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Love Inks - Tour 7"


Love Inks - Tour 7"
In celebration of Love Inks' fall 2013 tour, Conditions Records is very excited to be issuing this special, limited-edition tour 7" for the Austin band. The record's a-side features "Time", a driving song from Love Inks' upcoming Generation Club LP, while airy b-side cut "Generation Club" is exclusive to this release. The first 50 records come wrapped in a 7"x7" black-and-white zine of photos shot by the band and its friends.

CR-05 - Love Inks - Tour 7".
Released October 1st, 2013.
Single press of 250.
100 on black and 150 on assorted color vinyl.
50 records packaged in a zine.
10 test presses on colored vinyl.