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The Down House / Red Wood - Split 7"


The Down House / Red Wood - Split 7"
Occupying some of the central space in a Venn diagram that includes shoegaze, post-hardcore, and punk rock is Santa Rosa's The Down House. Employing loud guitars with slightly distant, yet emotional vocals, the group is already building a back catalogue worth falling in love with and making out to.

Red Wood are a rich yet turbulent 4-piece from San Francisco and Santa Rosa, creating their own post-this-and-that world.

Together the bands (also friends) have placed two driving and emotionally intense songs onto a 7" for your listening pleasure.

"I Got My Gun" recorded, mixed, mastered by Sam Pura.
"Moments" recorded, mixed, mastered by Scott Goodrich.
Artwork by Sarah Davis

Pressing of 490 pieces on white vinyl. Please email me for international shipping.

Track Listing:

1. The Down House - I Got My Gun
2. Red Wood - Moments

This is CR.10.